Oops. The blog got ahead of me again.

I was called in for jury duty yesterday, and had to run around for the papers.  So… what’s going on with the page today?  Hm, Udo is asking for advice in all the wrong places.

Arnold Makepeace is based on Monika Livingston, a fellow artist. She’s part tribal-something, from around Chicago.  Arnold knows about as much about living in teepees as you or I (my apologies if you make yurts and teepees for a living).

The Germans have been in love with the new world peoples since forever.  Arnold, whose father was native, was visiting his German mother before World War Two, and after a life of being called Halfbreed, was astounded at being received as some kind of Savage Prince. Nobody could get enough of him. Beer was involved when he signed up for the army with his new buddies, who were over the moon that he would honor them by wanting to fight by their sides.

This doesn’t end well; you know what Americans think of “traitors.”