I spent hours trying to find a term for this sort of rock.  This was in pre-internet days, when we had to thumb through books we’d guessed at, at the library.  I think this one was in Rommel’s diary.  Or — no, wait – Lawrence of Arabia. But don’t quote me.  Can imagine the terms for soil I could find now?

I’ve been arguing about what makes genre vs. novel with a reader; perhaps it’s the amount of copy-work in a book.  Is research genre?  A true novel is all out of the writer’s experience.

Fap.  I always said that if I started talking about writing instead of doing it, shoot me in my little head.  These blogs are about talking about it.  Which is annoying.

What’s nice about looking at these lines is I’m trying to draw on the Wacom Bamboo, and it’s almost making me want to go ahead and get an IPad.  No, it’s NOT the equivalent of a Cintiq, but for linework?  People say, “How do you transfer files from an IPad to other devices?


(Who else thinks the inability of an IPad to transfer with a cheap USB cord is DISGUSTING?  I mean, little mettle points?  PLEASE).