This isn’t the first time somebody reconstructed a false photographic record for a comic book.

Looking at all the wonderful things people are doing with this art form — such marvels as Heartbreakers –  I always think I should move on and do something different.

But nobody else has my bare-naked line and hand control.  Every time I try something else, it’s just not as much fun as the teetering high-wire act of maintaining a perfect line.  Seeing someone else do it always makes my heart thump.  In Disney’s Johnny Tremain, Paul Revere quickly draws the handle of a silver cup, but the film closeup is obviously performed by the hand of one of the Disney studio animators.  The sweep and mastery of the line, the assurance of that hand, is literally breathtaking.  The background mattes show where all our great gallery artists are now — in da flickers!