It’s nice to see Babette come to her senses.  And her honesty. She knows she’s got a real treasure out of this.

At this time, the Germans looked like the card to play, especially if you’re a woman. You’ll see another versions of this in issue nine, “Scourge of Love,” and issue 26, “Mki.” Women have to find a strong male to accompany.  The Taureg princess Fatima has been raised to marry into an alliance.  The refugee woman Miki has taken her chances with the most likely male, even though she has a far less desirable choice.

An American veteran shrugged and openly told me that the men of World War Two had been recruited — on both sides — with the promise that they could have the women of the conquered, who would have little choice in men — and the women of their own country, who would be grateful.

You can see evidence of this in all the sexy posters and cartoons during that era.  The Marlon Brando movie “The Wild Ones” contains a clash between the returning veterans and the one woman in town who won’t lie down for their leader.  The soldiers of the era were involved in rapes after the war because they thought that was part of their payment.  Women were supposed to be spoils, or at least grateful.

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