Tomorrow, a brand new Desert Peach!  Or new to those of you who haven’t seen it. I’m always amazed when publishers think they’ve got all of a market.

Nearly choked myself to death at breakfast with two other authors, laughing when I found out Fantagraphics, the publishers of Love and Rockets, HAVE NEVER HAD THE BOOKS TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH — OF ANY KIND.

I know those boys were provincial wanna-be sophisticates, but I would have appreciated NOT having an opportunity for aspirating my orange juice up my nose.  These are the publishers who COULD NOT SELL NAUGHTY BITS OR THE DESERT PEACH. We’re talking about series that have manic readers from Singapore to Brazil to India to Japan.

Every time I think the Little Blue (Now Red) House has reached the top of publishing navel-gazing, they top themselves.  Oh, lord, I haven’t laughed so hard in MONTHS.

I actually LIKE the Less-Than-Dynamic Duo (I am one of the few people who get along with the G-spot — but then again I don’t work for him), but I guess they’re on the planet to make me laugh.  Nothing else makes any sense.