In the army, there was this air force pilot I used to date.  He’d make this entrance at the Madigan Hospital headquarters office, and make the Sergeant Major just about go into a silent meltdown. The Smaj couldn’t say anything against an officer, especially one from another service branch, but you could see his blue eyes go all squinty and steely.  The Smaj was a good guy, as military goes, but he had his prejudices, and they definitely included the Blue Boys.

That must be him playing Udo in this scene!  Sigh; I really don’t make anything up, do I?

Just saw another film version of “A Tale Of Two Cities.”  You just know Dickens saw that They Look Alike trick in court, and then just extrapolated into a far more deadly courtroom situation.

The Bats refer to their use by the Japanese as a symbol of faithful married love.